Producing The Highest Quality
of Florida Clams

A family owned business based in Cedar Key Florida, Clamtastic Seafood, Inc. is dedicated to the highest standards of quality shellfish products in the Industry. Established in 2001, our company has successfully produced cultured clams at a competitive price. Our product is shipped nationally and internationally to where you are. Cedar Key, one of the nation’s leading cultured clam regions, has pristine waters ensuring the highest quality of Florida shellfish. Our subtropical climate enables us to produce seafood year round. Clamtastic will soon be marketing whole cooked frozen clams.

Christopher M. Topping, President

Mr. Topping is the Chief Operation Officer and President who provides the company oversight. He is committed to cost-effective management of resources and quality performance. Topping is an experienced executive, specializing in corporate development and strategic planning.

Topping manages seafood operations including farming and processing operations and quality control. Topping oversees the human resources development program. He successfully launched a well-received program for professional development program for Clamtastic staff, mentored and coached employees resulting in customer satisfaction and a 12% increase in productivity. Mr. Topping has 15 years of experience in the aquaculture industry.

Our Products


If you are a grower and looking for seed, Clamtastic Seafood is hatchery division is a good option. Because of our unique subtropical climate, we produce seed year-round and can synchronize our production with when you need the seed.

Fresh Clams

Our whole sale clams are raised in Cedar Key's pristine waters giving them a great unique flavor. You are guaranteed the freshest product at a great price.

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